Deer & Dear

Deer & Dear

Deer&Dear® is a brand offering great quality casual fashion lines dedicated for those who are looking for exceptional designs which reflects their personality, the brand is registered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East. Deer&Dear® first saw the light in the year 2009 after Mr. Mohammad Al Anjeri thought of creating a clothing line that is special enough to compete in the local and international markets and be recognized as one of the most powerful international fashion brands.

Today Deer&Dear® is considered one of the most popular brands in Kuwait especially for the youth offering great and versatile fashion lines of great quality, the brand can be found in multiple locations across Kuwait with future plans to expand into the international market and specifically in the gulf region and Europe.


Our Design


Just like other well recognized international brands Deer&Dear® always follows up with the latest trends and deliver the most fashionable designs to its dear customers, in addition to that we always keep in touch with our customers and communicate with them to be able to give them what they want.

Our fashion lines are designed by a team of creative artists located in different locations around the world as a way of using different ideas and concepts and at the same time encourage their talents as future designers, we give designers certain guide lines to follow and we use the most appropriate ones that reflect the values of Deer&Dear®. Our lines are devoted for men, women, and children giving them stylish everyday looks.

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